Brian Monkarsh offers proven general counsel services on a cost-efficient, as-needed basis. Working on-site or remotely, he can:

  • Advise you on day-to-day legal matters,
  • Negotiate and draft contracts,
  • Handle major transactions and internal projects,
  • Manage — and resolve — litigation and disputes,
  • Select and supervise outside counsel, and
  • Reduce your company’s legal spend.

Executive-Level Service and Support

It’s no secret that mainstream firms have become distressingly expensive. This is not only due to their eye-popping hourly rates. It’s inherent in their business model, which pushes work downstream to junior lawyers with little practical experience.

Brian Monkarsh takes a different approach. He will not train junior attorneys at your expense. He provides only executive level counsel backed by more than 25 years of legal and business experience.

  • For companies with in-house counsel, Brian offers a flexible extension of your existing capacity — a senior attorney whom you can “plug in” as needed.
  • For companies without in-house counsel, Brian offers executive-level counsel without the costly overhead of full-time legal staff.

Value Based Billing

Brian Monkarsh offers customized fee arrangements to suit his clients’ needs, typically for a flat monthly fee. When it is efficient to do so, he may handle specific matters on a project basis, again for a flat fee. Either way, Brian’s fees are not charged hourly, which means that he can take the necessary time to attend meetings, consult with key personnel, and craft the solution that fits your needs, with no need to mind the clock.

Project Management

When you must engage outside lawyers for a special matter, Brian Monkarsh can put his experience and worldwide contacts to work for you:

  • Selecting topnotch firms with the required expertise;
  • Soliciting competitive bids;
  • Negotiating client-friendly fee agreements, preferably on a non-hourly basis;
  • Supervising outside counsel with an experienced eye, keeping your legal spend under control.

Contact us to see how Brian Monkarsh can provide you with the executive level counsel you require, at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms.


For most companies, litigation is unfamiliar terrain, well outside their comfort zone. This is not surprising — after all, your business is business, not litigation.

Brian Monkarsh can demystify the process for you. He has successfully managed scores of disputes as a trial lawyer and corporate officer, in the U.S. and abroad. Working as an extension of your management team, he can:

  • Advise you on the potential risks and benefits of litigation;
  • Choose first rate trial lawyers for the job, drawing upon his deep experience and worldwide contacts;
  • Craft a strategy — and budget — that suits your objectives;
  • Supervise trial counsel with an experienced eye, giving you independent advice at every stage of the process;
  • Monitor the progress of the case, always with your objectives and budget in mind;
  • Help drive the matter toward a favorable outcome.

Value Based Billing: Here again, Brian offers customized fee arrangements to suit his clients’ needs. Typically, he will manage litigation on a project or monthly fee basis, taking the necessary time to meet with your people, review the evidence, and provide the advice you require, with no need to mind the clock.

Contact us to see how Brian Monkarsh can efficiently manage — and resolve — business disputes.


If your business involves commercial aircraft, Brian Monkarsh can provide you with the counsel you need to grow. With more than 12 years of world-class aviation experience, Brian has negotiated and managed literally hundreds of deals with manufacturers, leasing companies, airlines, banks, and MRO’s worldwide. He knows the business, he knows the players, and most important, he knows how to get the deal done.

Value Based Billing: As always, Brian will adapt his fee arrangements to suit his clients’ needs. He can handle most matters for a flat or monthly fee. Either way, your legal expense is known from day one.

Contact us to learn how Brian Monkarsh can bring added value to your aviation team.